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Hello! I've been practicing and learning how to draw in whatever free time I can get for years. I still have a long way to go, but it's really fun for me.
I'm working hard on a really cool comic to share with ya'll, it's gonna be super awesome!


Valentine's Day Stream by NehanShoja
Valentine's Day Stream
This might be a little too late, but if anyone's interesting I'll be streaming some art, maybe animation, on if anyone's interested =)
Hope to see you there.
How Sad by NehanShoja
How Sad
I just haven't uploaded anything for so long.
I don't know.

This just makes me really happy and I don't know why. I wish it were a some sort of funny meme or something.
Anyways, I'm leaving for a month so I think this is all I can do.

Love you guys! Happy holidays!

So I think I've mentioned this before, but I draw lewds when I'm depressed. It's not always like a "Oh I can't do anything, may as well draw tits." It usually comes after a number of failed attempts at drawing, and they do work for good practice while being fun at the same time.
Sometimes I do them just because I'm happy, too. Just like any other drawling. Drawing lewds is kind of my way of expressing and exploring my own sexuality. Having grown up in the time before being a nerd was cool, when it was something others branded you as instead of something you were proud of, you might imagine I wasn't very popular with the kind of lady who's interested in you for your personality instead of your physical attractiveness.

So... Yeah. It's a great alternative to creeping on girls way younger than me (most women I meet are), or just creeping in general.
But, as much as I would love to draw porn and stuff one day on a psudo-proffesional level, it's not all I want to be known for. I don't feel that it's all I ever upload. I think I usually keep those to myself.

Anyways, that latest one with Natsume in the belts, it's a tribute to the original inspiration for her character design. As I mentioned in the past, the low class female Warrior from Disgaea. I actually thought it would look kind of cool as well as sexy, and I was aiming for some sort of representation for Natsume's fantasy blacksmithing background. Complete with inflatable hammer.

So yeah, as I mentioned in the upload, I gave up when I realized how dumb it looked. I was drawing a "at the beach" project when I realized this Natsume could have been Belt-Natsume, and I actually really liked how she looked, so I made some extra layers and did one just for funzies.
It means a ton to me that it actually looks kind of nice now, because that image has always been one of my favorites for her. I always pictured Natsume as this big-sword wielding badass with just a belt on her chest (and actual pants), but that's not how she turned out this time. And honestly I just don't think it fits for the story for her to wear that kind of stuff. But it was fun and it was cute, for me.

TL;DR: That last drawling was more to me than just tiddies and belts. It's actually something that's been on my mind for years and years, and it's a matter of closure for one of my biggest failures. Thanks for humoring me guys.

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ohey i deactivated my facebook for a bit but i'm alive!! just lettin u kno
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You almost had me worried for you, darnit.
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What made you decide to close it?
Just taking up too much of your life? I've had a few friends do that recently, actually.
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Hey man, just lettin' you know Dark Dawna page 7 is out!!
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